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As of 12/29/2017

Index Facts

Index Facts
Bloomberg Index Symbol VIEQX
Exchange Index Symbol
Index Inception Date 12/31/2014
Base Index Value 100
Number of Components in Index 260
Current Index Value 133.79
Total Index Market Capitalization ($ Trillion) 4.32
Index MarketCap Breakdown
Large Cap (> $10 Billion) 51.16
Mid Cap (= $2 Billion and = $10 Billion) 45.51
Small Cap (< $2 Billion) 3.33
As of 12/29/2017

Index Statistics

Index Statistics
Dividend Yield 2.82
Price/Earnings 12.24
Estimated Price/Earnings 11.75
Price/Book 1.41
Price/Sales .68
Price/Cash Flow 5.64

*An investor may not invest directly in an index such as VIEQX. In addition, emerging markets investments may expose investors to risks not typically associated with similar investments in more developed markets. The classification of a country as an "emerging market" is generally based on the relative economic, political and social development and is by necessity subjective.